Friday, August 12, 2016

A successful marriage is the sum of Understanding, Compromise and Tolerance

A successful marriage is the sum of Understanding, Compromise and Tolerance
A successful marriage is the sum of Understanding, Compromise and Tolerance

A wedding is a starting of a pious relationship between husband and wife. It is an organization of relationship by which both come to know each others from top to bottom, which helps them to live their life in a better and healthy way. Two individuals marry for many reasons, including legal, social, emotional, and religious. The arranged marriages, or family obligation, court marriage, for the sake of children protection also taken as the reasons behind a marriage.

Taking out a marriage is very different across the cultures, and almost every known community or religion had some different structure of marriage between a male and female. In some cultures, a man is bound to marry with one woman at a time, while some other culture allows a male to have more than one wife at a time.

After the marriage, the married couple has some social, religious, and legal responsibilities according to which they have to act upon for living a healthy and positive married life. Every culture that distinguishes marriage also distinguishes infidelity as a violation of the terms of the marriage.
The marriage is documented with the religious and the state authority. The legal concept of a marriage is the civil or court marriage, and the religious marriage concept depends on the religion by which you belong to.

A successful marriage has some characteristics like understanding of each others, compromise and tolerance, etc. A successful marriage understanding lies in effective communication, which depends on knowing the each others thoughts, desires, feelings and motives and treating them honestly is the key for a successful marriage.

Compromise has an important role for any relationship but for a  successful marriage compromising in relationship is much necessary and important, for example, if your partner belongs from different culture you should respect his/ her views and opinions and try to find out the solution to meet each other in the middle. Any mistake made by your partner can cause the delivery of harsh words from your mouth, control your fury and forgive him/ her, you will see your partner start to respect you.

Tolerance or patience is also to be considered as an important ingredient for a successful marriage life, for example, you and your wife plan to go to a party one of them could not be able to be there at the right time due to urgent work in office or traffic jam. You have to be patience and cool because these small mistakes build a chain of reactions, which ended in the negative way towards divorce.

For a successful marriage life understanding of each others, trust, compromise and tolerance are essential if you have these three elements in your marriage life you feel this world is paradise for you.

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